Trailriding in Lapland - Four seasons on horseback

Give yourself a rare treat - a relaxing ride on an Icelandic horse! These small, sturdy and good natured horses are ideal for experiencing the unique nature of Lapland. Whether a sunny winter day, when you can move effortlessly in the snow or a trip in the beginning of the summer, when the sun hardly goes down at all - nature will provide some exciting and unforgettable memories all year round.

We cater for beginners and experienced riders alike. Horses and trips will be matched according to riders abilities. No previous experience is necessary in short trips, except on children under 12 years. Maximum number of riders on one trip is 7 persons.

Round the year we can take you for an hour or two tour trekking deep in the forests.

During the summer / autumn we offer you also three hour trips, half-day and all-day tours (including a snack) to the area to enjoy the beautiful scenery. Summer and autumn time we

also have 4-5 days riding holidays for childs and adults (for experinced riders). Ask more by email.

In all trips we lend you a riding helmet. During the winter time you will be provided with warm clothing (an overall, warm boots, woollen socks, winter riding gloves and a balaclava under the helmet) and during the summer with a raincoat and boots.

We are located only about 15 minutes drive from the tourist centre of Ylläs, Äkäslompolo. Just call us +358 50 436 1921 to make a reservation.

Ylläksen Vaellushevoset Oy
Virpi Pohjolainen
Tel. +358 50 436 1921
The best time to contact by phone is between 5.00 p.m.- 8 p.m.
Kuerlinkantie 2, 95970 Äkäslompolo

Riding trips winter 2025

Guided riding trip to the forest
- 1 hour 85 €/person
- 2 hours 105 €/person

Everyone will get their own horse for the tour. First, you will be familiarized with the basics of riding on an Icelandic horse and then it is time to put it all into practice. After a short session, we will take the horses to the forest with the guide. The skills of the group, weather conditions and the route determine how fast we will be riding in the forest.

Departures: Daily. In January 9 am and 1 pm or as agreed. From February on at 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. or as agreed. You must be here 30 minutes before.
Cost includes: Your horse for the tour plus riding helmet, balaclava, boots, woollen socks. Services of the guide in English.
Group size: No minimum, max 7 depending on previous riding experience

Please note that we expect previous, regular riding experience from under 12 year olds on all riding trips. Riders must not weigh more than 85 kg per person.

In winter time, we usually work monday to friday ( no trips in weekends) Except christmas and easter we work all days.


Please give us a call in advance to make a reservation tel. Virpi mobile phone +358 50 436 1921 . You can also make an enquiry by email info(at) and we will answer you within two days. If in a hurry, please call us.


Please give us a call in advance to make a reservation tel. Virpi mobile phone+358 50 436 1921. You can also make an enquiry by email info(at) and we will answer you within two days. If in a hurry, please call us. Best time to call me is between 17-20.

Cancellation policy
We reserve the right to cancel any ride due to unsafe weather conditions such as very cold weather in wintertime (more than -20 at the stable). In that case we will inform you well in advance to the mobilephone number / hotel number you have given to us. If you must cancel your reservation, please do it by phone at least three days before the trip. Otherwise the cancellation fee is 50% of the price and cancellaton later than 2 hours before or no-show 100%.

How to come?
The easiest way to come to the stable is by taxi, for ex. Anne´s Taxi tel. +358 500-380 835. Please arrive at the stable 30 minutes before your ride. The horses are already saddled up. If you want to take care of your horse after the ride, it´s possible.

You can pay the trip when you arrive either by cash or Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard and Maestro credit cards.

Clothing / gear
Helmets are required for all riders and the helmet is included to the price. You will be provided with warm riding gear in winter (an overall, a coat, boots, socks, hat under the helmet and riding cloves). If you want to use your own clothing, please dress up very warmly! In summer the helmet and wellingtons are included. Please note, that shorts are not a good idea for riding.


You need to be reasonably fit to do horse riding, but these trips suit even for people with no previous experience of horse riding. Please let us know about your riding abilities so that we can choose the right group and the right horse for you. Please note that if you are coming with your own group of people, we do not canter with novice riders, tolting might be possible. We expect previous, regular riding experience from under 12 year olds on all rides. The children must have the ability to control the horse and follow instructions.

We follow the instructions of The Finnish Consumer Acency and we have the required safety plan for the rides. We expect you to have your own personal insurance.

Riders must not weigh more than 85 kg.

The guiding is in Finnish/English. Our guides are trained professionals.

All our 11 horses are Icelandic horses. They are considered small (averaging 12.2 to 14.1 hands/125-155 cm in height) but very strong for their size. The Icelandic horse is well known of its wonderful character and their special gaits. Apart from walk, trot and canter, most of the Icelandic horses are able to tolt and some of them also go in pace. In tolt the horse moves its legs in the same sequence as while walking, but faster. The tolt is very smooth and pleasure to ride. The pace is a gait where the horse moves both legs of one side at the same time. It is consired a gait for racing, and that´s why we don´t ride pace in our treks.

We do not knowingly keep any horses that we feel cause a riding problem. All horses are properly shod (in winter they have studs in shoes), vaccinated, vetted and cared for. All horses are easy to handle and as they always live in a herd, they tolerate each other well. The saddles are Icelandic (English style).

The trails
In winter time the snowy trails are either made by the horses or plowed so that tolting or cantering is possible. The terrain is easy to ride and the trails are mainly in the forest.

If there is any kind of feedback you would like us to know or like to have more information, please don´t hesitate to contact us by email info(at)